We have been fortunate to be involved in many different products ever since our inception over three decades ago. We have also realized that focusing on our core competencies and specifically the products within those markets has made us a stronger company.

Concentrating our focus towards medium to larger tooling programs has allowed us to hone and sharpen our skills in supplying tooling solutions for a wide range of markets. We have also benefited by being able to provide designs where knowledge gained from various applications has enabled us to transfer the value added advantages to a similar requirement.

Hi Pressure Injection

Low Pressure Injection

Aluminum Die Casting

Zinc Die Casting

• Mirror Housings

• Handles / Bezels

• Grilles

• Air Deflectors

• Air Ducts

• Side Covers

• Pool Connectors

• Fit Up Aid

• Plastic Grommet

• Roof Shingles

• Clam Shells

• Pillars

• End Caps

• Power Steering Bracket

• Shields

• Pool End Caps

• ESS Cover with Living Hinge

• “T”Hook with Living Hinge

• Threaded Clamp Ring

• Foundation Webs

• Plastic Pallets

• Pool Ladders

• Power Blanket Handlers

• Under Water Military Connectors

• Dock Boards

• Mirror Brackets

• Mirror Bases

• Carburetors

• Bowl Supports

• Motor Brackets

• Bezels

• Handles

• Pedestals

  1. Engine Casing

  2. Clutch Plates

  3. Mirror Brackets

  4. Adapter Plates



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Hi Pressure Injection
Aluminum Die Casting
Zinc Die Casting
Low Pressure Injection


Engine Cover

Side Panels

Diecast Parts

Small Engine Housing