Our services encompass the numerous steps beginning with the interaction at the concept stages all the way through to the approved product. Our technical engineering assistance and support in the infancy stages of the product design contributes towards a successful project leading to customer satisfaction.

Our in-house engineering group is capable of communicating with a variety of industry data transfer systems and are able to transform this information to manufacturing to produce the results to exacting specifications. One of the company's strength's is the knowledge of understanding the complexity of developing and cutting 3-D shapes.

Our manufacturing group is fully equipped with current up to date machine tools to handle and accommodate the large range of custom machining challenges that the industry is continuously demanding. Royal specializes in supplying tooling for machines ranging from 30 to 2,000 tons, where the tool size plays a key role in the decision on how and where the project will be completed. Complex 3-D CNC machining, detailed EDM machining, precise jig grinding, high speed / hard machining, and final fitting in our spotting press are a few of the advanced services we offer. Our CNC machining centres are capable of machining steel blocks of up to 11,000 lbs. Our EDM capacities are capable of machining steel blocks weighing up to 24,000 lbs. with a maximum electrode weight of 1,100 lbs.

We pride ourselves by offering the industry professional hands on interaction at the very early stages of a project to ensure that the end result is the most efficient and optimum solution that can be achieved so that our customers get the desired results overall. The successful culmination of two teams efforts on a demanding technical project makes for strong business relationships and gives both customer and supplier a piece of mind when other technical challenges do arise. Our flexibility due to our manageable size is one of the key strengths that has continuously proven that Royal Mould Technologies Ltd. is here to stay for another quarter century (25 years) and beyond.



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